Dozen Roulette

The dozens roulette method

In this instruction, we will try to tell you very briefly, but at the same time effectively, about one of the casino https://pokiesurf-casino.online/ methods roulette of dozens. The first thing you need to know is that this game allows you to play in different ways. When you start playing a dozen and if you win, you win 2 coins, or play 2 dozen and if you win, you win 1 coin. In the second case, if you lose, you lose 2 coins.

The technique of this game is one of the many manoeuvres, thanks to which you will be able to obtain small and stable gains. So, as you already know, columns and tens have the advantage of betting on 24 numbers in roulette on 36 numbers. Two of the three chances of success are usually successful.

When playing the game, it is worth remembering the tens, as they can give more privileges to win. Also, tens in this game pay a two-to-one bet.

It is easy to win tens in roulette, because the odds are good: the odds are two out of three. That’s the opportunity you have.

To continue our article do the following: learn to watch a dozen roulette wheels. As soon as a dozen hits twice, you can bet on two more at the same time.

That’s it! Now you are almost on the way to success.

Let’s go further and for example:

1-1 You get one out of ten, better win a record.

1-2 In case the top ten is not yours, you drop two numbers, and at the same time you bet mostly on the same ones, but increase your bet.

2-1 You win, you will compensate the first loss.

2-2 You lose, you will be 6 cards.

3-1 You always lose, this will show you that you are in a group of the same dozen. In this situation, it is necessary to think in time and quickly and at the same time to move a bet on a winning move to split a group of dozens.

It is important to remember: you must use six and six chips for two dozen including the one that came out twice earlier before you start playing.

To summarize very briefly: the technique just described is reliable. Choose yourself from the list of top online casinos. Firstly, because it gives you two chances out of three. But remember that you have to bet more than your desired winnings, it is reliable because it gives you the opportunity to have two chances out of three, but you certainly have to bet twice as much as you want and above all do not miss the opportunity. The roulette method we have just mentioned allows you to play in different ways. But this is one of the reliable techniques.

Good luck in the game.

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